Consider a career in real estate.

A career in real estate is one of the few careers that one can begin  by simply taking a week long course, passing a test, and finding a company to associate with.

Success in real estate is a different matter.  Ideal real estate agents are individuals with a good work ethic, professional enthusiasm, and market knowledge. 

Real estate agents with the best work ethic will be the most successful in the long term due to their commitment to working and working smart.

Professional enthusiasm for the business will keep an agent motivated and those agents will attract more sellers and buyers. 

Lastly, market knowledge  is an important part of matching a buyer with the right property and providing a property owner with a comparable market analysis that accurately reflects the value of his or her property. 

A successful career in real estate can begin at any age and regardless of  market conditions.  If you've considered a career in real estate and just don't know where to start please feel free to call me at 386-684-3100 and let's get your future going!